Claim Submission


Through our clearinghouse, we are able to submit claims electronically directly to the insurances. Also includes ANSI835/837


Claims are submitted directly to the insurance's portal.


Claims can also be submitted via mail and fax.

Claim Monitoring

Our EDI Department tracks the process of claims from submissions by:

Payment Processing & Applying

Remittance & EOB Processing

Process remittances and EOBs electronically, as well as paper checks

Reconcile Balances

Automated denial write-off process based on denial codes to reconcile claims faster.

Denial Tracking

Denials on remittances & EOBs are tracked and forwarded to Denial Resolution Team for reconsideration & appeals.
Insurance Follow Up

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Denial Resolution

Denial Review

Analysis of denied claims to determine additional opportunities for revenue.

Special Projects

Identifying trending denials to work these in bulk as special projects by plan, location and/or denial reason.

Positive Impact on Collection Rates

Assess collection rate to work denials and increase payment reimbursement.
Client Services

Contact us by phone, email, fax, or mail any time to assist with concerns such as:

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